• Gemini OC2

Gemini OC2

Meet the latest OC2 on the market, Gemini. On a flat day she glides and cuts through glass with a sharp entry and long waterline. On a big day, the volume is just right to keep her floaty and pushing through the trough and connecting to another bump.

If you love the feeling of the Kai Wa’a OC1 but want to share the experience with a friend or family member, the Gemini will open doors to new adventures on the water.

Kai Bartlett

“We did a bunch of tests in every condition and with a variety of paddlers. Our goal; to get a well-rounded plate of data points and feedback. We made some changes all along the way as we learned what worked and what needed improvement. We wanted to see what could happen if we pinched here and added there. We really like what we accomplished and I am confident that the design was done correctly and our goals reached. She really is a great canoe.”

“It’s like riding the Ares. The cockpit is exactly the same and just as comfortable. You feel snug in the seat and in the big stuff you don’t feel like you’re going to get bucked out of the canoe.”

“I had the opportunity to demo Kai Wa’a new OC2 Gemini this past Saturday on flat water and then again on a downwind run and I absolutely fell in love. The first thing I noticed was the layout and shape.. it looked very much like the Ares but made for 2 people. The cockpit was nice and comfortable, I didn’t feel cramped or feel like it was too wide or big for me. Love the lowered footwells, I was able to really plant myself in to be able to use more power in my legs. I noticed paddling both in flat and on downwind, the canoe would take off, even with little effort in my stroke. In the surf, the Gemini performed beautifully, it would drop into the wave with barely any effort and noticed that the nose did not stuff and would pop back out. This is a fast canoe! If the demos that Kai had were not already taken, I would have taken one home in a heart beat! I will definitely be putting the Gemini on my next to buy list to go along with my hubby’s Antares and my Ares!”

“The most impressive thing in this canoe for me is the comfort. The way that the seat was designed is perfect for long paddles with performance and no pain. In flat conditions the waterline was perfect and the had a very good acceleration and an awesome glide. In downwind conditions, this canoe is a monster! The way that it surfs the bumps is incredible and the rudder response was fast. The ama has very good fluctuation and maintains the canoe in the perfect balance. In my opinion, the Gemini comes to revolutionize the OC2 world and make history for all the people who like to paddle in doubles.”




Accessories Included


  • Single piece construction
  • 100% carbon layup
  • 3x atmosphere cure
  • Hybrid epoxy polyurethane marine paint


  • Full carbon i’akos
  • Full carbon rudder with titanium shaft
  • High density foam core hull for added stiffness
  • Adjustable steering, front seat, back seat or both


  • LOA: 24′ 7″
  • Beam: 17.5″
  • Ama Length: 9′
  • Hull weight: 24 lbs
  • Dyneema steering cables